Mobile Engagement Campaign Manager

Setup, launch, and manage mobile marketing campaigns. Monitor every success metric through the dashboard. Take a pause, analyze results, and launch the next campaign taking into account everything learned from the previous ones

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Flexible, powerful, scalable, and secure. Processing millions of mobile engagement transactions every day


Message customers through all and any channel: SMS/MMS, Push Notification, Email, Social Networks, Voice


Engage customers based on their current indoor or outdoor location


Target your customers by their preferences, usage patterns, and behavior

Individual or Group Messaging

Message announcements, notifications, reminders, security alerts


Creative and innovative digital scratchcards, loyalty cards, coupons as games


Invite customers to ask for more information, join a service, express their opinion, play to win


Allow your customer to save coupons, points, rewards…in the most convenient form


Deliver context-aware, personalized and relevant customer experiences by considering the combination of preferences, location, usage patterns and behavior

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