Mobile Customer Engagement

Cut to the chase. Get results by engaging your customers in fresh & exciting ways.


Sharing your message doesn’t have to be hard (although it often times feels that way). Messangi gets the word out about your brand without breaking a sweat (and budget).

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Campaign Manager

From a Web GUI, an existing app, your enterprise system…engage directly with your customers. Work with them one on one.

Location, Location, Location

Reach farther and closer to your customers than you thought before. It’s easier than it seems.


Make your data generate value to your customers. Welcome to the next generation of exclusive insight and engagement.


Your message needs to get across. All mobile channels are available.


Let your customers scratch their way to coupons, prizes, rewards…

Alerts & Reminders

Its a hectic world. Help your customers stay in touch and not miss a beat.


Ask your customer. Surveys, votes, contests, trivia…


Allow your customer to save coupons, points, rewards…in the most convenient form.


Segment your customers by behavior, location, preferences…Let your data generate value to your customers.

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