Direct Sales Through Smartphones has Increased 41%

Mobile usage continues to growth every day more and more, Consumer are now using their smartphones not only for communicating, checking social media, or answering the occasional phone call. Consumer are now also using their phones to make purchases, and the numbers have almost doubled from last year. Commerce conducted through smartphones will account for about $117 billion in the U.S. alone for this year. This accounts for about 23% of online retail sales and 3% of all retail sales, according to a report from research firm Forrester. Sales made straight from smartphones is expected to hit $209 Billions by 2022. The mobile market is still it its early stages, where it will continue to grow and expand.


The role smartphones plays during the shopping process is much bigger and broader than the impact of the sales alone.  As Forrester analysts mentioned in the report, “By researching products, comparing prices and making payments, shoppers have made smartphones an integral part of their customer journey.” Consumers are now checking online and comparing which retailer has the best offer, adding an additional step to their decision making when it comes to purchasing.


Keeping this in mind, retailer may feel they can hedge a bit on investing in their mobile websites and marketing plans, instead of deviating money towards promotions and payments. Reiterating to previous studies, Forrester mentioned that poor performance and lack of mobile-optimized experiences on retailers websites are frustrating shoppers enough that they may see no reason to buy through mobile more than they already do.


The poor performance of retailers websites and lack of mobile optimization is not the only issue that is overloading the future growth of mobile commerce. Another issue retailers are facing when it comes to mobile purchases, is the fact that shoppers also tend to go towards the largest screen available, for comfortable experience when they are shopping online, meaning that shoppers might prefer putting down their personal smartphone and finish up shopping on their 15-inch screen laptop, when available.


In one of Forrester’s studies, surveyed more than a thousand U.S. adults “who use smartphones and buy products and services online but have not done so on a smartphone in the past three months” The study found that 51% of them agreed that it’s easier to make their online purchases using their personal computer rather than their smartphone. Business owners and retailers may not have the power to change the level of comfort shoppers find when using a larger screen, but they can concentrate and dedicate more time into improving the mobile shopping experience, and focus on understanding how mobile is more broadly influencing shoppers when it comes to sale.


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