As Mobile Usage keeps growing at an exponential rate, you need to engage at scale with your customers. Ogangi helps you build one-to-one relationships and creates an engagement experience with every one of your Mobile customers.


Reward Loyal Customers and Incentivize Repeat Purchases

Reward loyal customers and incentives repeat purchases. Customer Retention has been proven to boosts profits and the majority of consumers prefer businesses offering mobile loyalty programs.  


Simply scan customer’s Pass and points can be added or removed in real-time.

Issue Rewards

Incentivize your most loyal customers by giving them special perks and rewards.

Personalized Design

Design your Digital Loyalty Pass to compliment your branding and campaign efforts.


Trigger notifications when your customers are near your business or special location.


Drive demand for your products or services

Messangi’s Coupon Tool allows for a quick and easy creation and deployment of promotional offers that can be easily redeemed online or in-store. Offering discounts to customers is one of the most commonly used methods to increase sales. Having the right set of tools to engage and deliver coupons at the right time is invaluable.

Easy Distribution

Automatically send coupons across your preferred channel.

Unique Codes

Generate or upload a list of unique codes per participant.

Limit Redemptions

Limit the number of redeemable coupons to create urgency and increase share-ability.


Collect entries, incentivize participants, and select random winners.

Pick Winners

Automize the selection of one or more winners at any time interval that you prefer.


Control the odds of winning as well as the frequency of entry attempts.

Instant Results

Users can be given instant results allowing you to engage with winners and non-winners.


Entertain and engage your audience.

Provide your users with content that requires participation and active engagement. Making their experience fun and exciting – more than simply reading or watching a video. In return for their engagement, participants can receive real-time rewards of value.

Digital Scratch Cards

Upload your artwork and create high quality Digital Scratch Cards in minutes.

Customize campaigns with  multiple prizes and define odds and probability of winning each of them.

Users can be given instant prizes and winning results allowing you to engage with all users whether they are winners or non-winners.


Display your services, new product launches, promotions, and special offers.

Upload your artwork and create high quality HTML Digital Catalog in minutes.

Link each catalog slide with a unique URL to re-direct your customers to the right place.


Make the game fit your campaign requirements. Customize Rules, Point System, and instant Prizes awarded to your users.

Create your own Game Portal with multiple games for your customers to play directly linked to a billing and credit system.

Choose from multiple high quality HTML5 games to offer to your users for high engagement and retention.

Choose from any communication channel of your liking to distribute gamification campaign to your users.


Gather feedback, opinions, and valuable insights from your users.

Real-time Feedback

Poll your users on important topics to get their opinion and gather results right away.

Mobile Optimized

In the movement towards all digital, we ensure that your customer’s experience is seamless and easy to use on their Mobile devices.

Customer Satisfaction

Ask your customers or clients to complete a satisfaction survey to gather their feedback and make necessary changes.


Choose your method of distribution