Whether you need to sell your products, share some news or tell a story, our platform makes it easy to create Email Campaigns that best suit your message.


Deliver targeted messages to the right audience

Static Segments

Tailor and test email campaigns using static segmentation tools for more effective promotions, coupons, and other interactive campaigns.

Customer Attributes

Segment your campaigns based on different customer attributes such as: Age, Gender, Industry, Company Size, etc.

Dynamic Segmentation

Set up automatic segmentation's such as keeping in touch with your customers on their birthdays.

Response Data

Gather and export real-time customer response rates to influence future campaign decisions.


Integrate and deliver via SMTP or API

Manage your Contacts

Upload as many contacts as you want with high scalability to meet your needs.

Robust and Reliable delivery

Tools available to make sure your emails are delivered to drive engagement.

Real-time Monitoring

Create alerts based on the importance of your emails and be notified immediately if there's a problem with delivery.


Make every email personal with variable fields that can be adjusted.

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