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Land Rover launches new smarthphone for the adventure-seeker

The British car manufacturer, Land Rover, sometimes known as Range Rover after its famous high-end SUV, just announced that the company will be launching its first ever smartphone device targeted to the adventure- seeker. Launching its first ever smartphone is another way for the British company to extend its brand into different markets while still keeping its target audience of upscale, outdoor enthusiast. 

Land Rover gave some details of what unique features the durable phone was going to include. The design of the phone was solely made for the rugged outdoors. The smartphone is said to withstand extreme temperatures, thermal shock, humidity and saltwater immersion. The phone was designed and developed by U.K. electronics Bullitt Group and it will made its first appearance at this years Mobile World Congress taken place in Barcelona, Spain.

The physical design of the phone was inspired by the Land Rover Discovery SUV. The smartphone allows users to have a functional and durable phone without having to compromise on modern designs and latest capabilities of other smartphones in the market.

The phone is going to be powered by Android and will include modular attachments for different activities. The price tag is said to be around $800. Some of the unique features the phone will offer are: contact GPS navigations and a durable glass touchscreen. This new screen will react to wet fingers and gloves, so say goodbye to dry hands and freezing fingers. The phone will also come with pre-installed apps related to outdoors which connect to all the Land Rover vehicles via Bluetooth.