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Engage consumers in a much smarter way with location base targeting. Using Beacon and GPS technology, Messangi platform enables its users to deliver relevant offers when customers are within proximity of a specified location.

Beacon Technology with Mobile Wallet

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons, also know as Proximity Beacons are small devices that sits inside of a location and transmit targeted messages, offers or coupons to nearby mobile devices. Retailers are among the leading users of Beacon Technology to lift customer engagement sales and loyalty.

GPS with Mobile Wallet

By leveraging existing apps like apple or google wallet, marketers can provide an enhanced and more meaningful customer experience by utilizing GPS and Mobile Operator Networks to trigger relevant offers or coupons.

Smarter Engagement

Trigger welcome messages, promotional information or surveys when entering or exiting a location.


Utilize GPS or Mobile Operator Networks to trigger offers.

Mobile Wallets

Utilize Google or Apple Wallet to offers discounts.


To learn more on how retailers, financial institutions and airlines use location-based targeting