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Deliver personalized customer experiences.

Ogangi provides mobile solutions that allow enterprises of all sizes to communicate more efficiently with their customers. Building client relationships is a critical part of any business today and we get this. We have the expertise and technology needed to help our clients reach targeted groups, deliver relevant information, simplify difficult processes and grow loyalty by completely transforming the customer’s mobile experience.



Ogangi’s enterprise solutions help retailers deliver value to consumers when they need it most. In the highly competitive retail market, harnessing the power of mobile and the web to deliver compelling offers consumers can’t refuse is key to staying relevant.

With Messangi, brands can take advantage of

  • Scratch cards: Engage consumers with Scratch to Win promotions.
  • Coupons: Deliver relevant offers and coupons to drive sales.
  • SMS: Buy online, Pick up in-store notifications.
  • Surveys: Conduct surveys through SMS, Facebook, Email.
Reduce wait time


The primary focus of the hospitality industry is customer satisfaction, and convenience plays a major role in boosting guest acquisition and retention. Ogangi understands the need for innovations that will reduce wait time and ensure hotels provide stellar service in a timely manner.

Connect with customers and change the way they engage with hotel services by offering

  • Concierge Support
  • Valet Request
  • Wake up calls
  • Housekeeping Request
  • Room Service Delivery notification
  • Hotel Amenities reservations (restaurant/spa)
improve customer service


Traveling for business or pleasure, customers demand exceptional customer service. Leveraging the advantages of mobile engagement to connect with customers is one way of building a reputation for excellent service.

Ogangi offers travel enterprises technology that allows for timely communication with customers. With our platform, keep customer updated on

  • Flight notifications (cancelled, rescheduled, gate changes)
  • Flash Deals
  • Reschedule car service
  • Mobile boarding pass – Passbook

Reduce Fraud, Build Consumer confidence


Consumer confidence and trust is a key growth indicator for any financial institution.  It is the cornerstone on which these institutions are built.

Ogangi provides financial institutions with a powerful platform that delivers pertinent transactional notifications and fraud alerts across multiple channels. This allows for the reduction in fraud and improved customer experience and confidence.

With our enterprise solutions, banks, credit unions and other financial institutions can

  • Control fraud through location
  • Credit/debit alerts
  • Overdraft alerts
  • Minimum balance alerts