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Mobile Wallet Solutions

Be at the center of Customer Engagement

Apple and Google Wallet have opened up the mobile device to new marketing opportunities for brands. Consumers love the convenience and payment options that have been afforded to them by new apps.
Messangi makes it easy to deploy:

- Coupons
- Loyalty cards
- Membership cards
- Event tickets
- Promotions and offers
- Boarding passes

With the use of our advanced analytics and location features, brands can deliver relevant updates and make better and more strategic marketing decisions.

No App Needed

With Apple Wallet and Android Pay pre-installed on iOS and Android smartphones, brands can effectively reach and open up an ongoing communication channel with their mobile target audience, making mobile wallet an ideal choice for customer engagement.


Realtime Notifications

Reach consumers mobile devices instantly with pertinent information, even on locked screen.

Location Smart

Deliver relevant offers or information when customers are within proximity of a specified location.

Easy & Cost Effective

Very easy to setup with relatively low or no distribution cost.

Multi-Channel Deployment

Distribute mobile wallet cards/tickets through Web, Email, SMS and Social Media.


Easily update card info or features.


Consumers will never need to worry about leaving their cards at home as items are stored on mobile device.


Brands who are currently enganging customers with Messangi

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