Explore our ready powerful solutions to enhance customer interactions.

All-in-One Campaign Manager

Manage all of your mobile campaigns from our cloud-based campaign manager. Our platform gives you the ability to define a mobile interaction campaign in terms of its message content, its campaign scheduling, and the associated service configuration for any given use case.

User List Management

Our platform gives you the ability to store the phone numbers of your users (and their vital details) all in one place. So you know who to engage – and the best way to engage them.


Extract intelligence across campaigns and channels

  • View real-time user participation per campaign, engagement rates and user location heatmap
  • Generate and export reports on campaign performance
  • Make smart decisions for future campaigns based on data
  • View customer behavior such as click through rates, device type and OS
  • Aggregated data from all channels utilized in campaign (SMS, Email, Mobile Wallet)

Engagement Heatmap

Where are my most engaged customers? Events are aggregated so you can find the answers that you need.

User Agent

Follow up with your customer's choice of device in which they engage with you.

Daily Unique Users per Campaign

Discover trends in real time and adapt your future campaigns accordingly to results.

Omnichannel Events

Multiple channels can be used in one campaign, get the big picture as dashboards can be combined all in one.


Built for developers

Easily connect our solutions to your business uses and expand the functionality of your system and applications. Ogangi’s powerful multichannel Rest API and Mobile SDK allows you to leverage all your data while utilizing the Messangi platform’s capabilities.


Smart engagement with location targeting

iBeacon Technology

Target fine-grained proximity areas

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons, are small devices placed inside of a strategic location capable of transmitting targeted messages. Retailers are among the leading users of iBeacons to lift customer engagement sales and loyalty.


Drive foot traffic to your venue

Engage mobile users in a specific geofence delivering context-aware content when they enter or leave the area. By using your own App or leveraging the Mobile Wallet native applications, set up your perimeters and create a communication channel.


Leverage your CRM knowledge

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 2.32.37 PM

Enhance messages to provide deeper insights such as demographic, behavior, location, time, and external data.

Make messages valuable to your customers by using variable data points to be direct and to the point.

A personalized notification can re-activate a dormant user by notifying them of a new feature.


Send the right message to the right person

Segment your audience based on the device hardware and software characteristics.

With custom segmentation, you can better understand how your customers are similar and different based on factors such as demographics and marketing preferences.

Incorporate engagement metrics to make your segments powerful. Target customers who signed up last week, with multiple sessions this week, or who have logged in but did not make a purchase.

Use the data you gather to prepare for future campaigns. Use your customers’ past behavior to predict their future behavior and response to new campaigns.