SMS Messaging

SMS can be customized based on customer preferences and behavior. A real-time, relevant content delivered to personal device creates a deep brand-to-person connection. Whether you’re sending one-way alerts or inviting a two-way conversation, SMS continues to be the single most powerful channel in terms of higher open rates, quicker response times and higher conversion rates.

2-Way Messaging

Smart automation

2-Way Messaging is a system that consolidates outbound and inbound SMS into a one fully-featured service. It enables businesses to start a conversation with their customers by using a dedicated number carried out through a complete solution platform or APIs.


Filter, manage and sort inbound messages to efficiently manage campaigns.

Manage your customer’s preferences when receiving your messages.

Easily configure auto-responses using keywords.

Ogangi’s platform can process thousands of messages in real time. Our platform has no single point of failure, meaning your campaigns won’t suffer from delays or interruptions.

Use predefined keywords to easily organize and streamline your processes for inbound messages.


Authenticate your users and add an extra layer of security

Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of unauthorized access protection by prompting the user to provide an additional means of authentication such as a physical token (ex. a card) or an additional secret that only they know.

A unique password which can only be used once. This is typically a short string of numbers generated based on a secret stored in a physical device such as a USB token or a smartphone.

A sequence of digits which have to be entered within a short time window, typically 30-60 seconds.

SMPP/HTPP REST APIs allow developers to build custom solutions.

Eliminate the need for authentication calls.


Scaled to fit businesses of all sizes.

Messaging is the fastest and most reliable way to reach your customers. With a 98% read rate, all transactional and promotional messages are delivered directly to customers in a cost-effective manner.

Easily configure auto-responses using keywords.

Choose your connectivity ranging from Web Interface Platform to APIs, HTTP, SMPP, XML.

Personalize messages with customer details such as name or account numbers to make communications more effective.

We adhere to best practices and country specific laws.

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